Corrective Movement & Training

for repetitive strain & injury repair

Individual session: $80 (60 minutes)
5 Sessions: $375 / 10 Sessions: $700

30 minutes: $40
60 minutes: $80

Our Corrective Movement & Training program focuses on helping individuals achieve functional strength, flexibility, painless posture and an overall balanced body and mind. We want to meet you where you are in your current state, establish your goals and objectives and use a mindful, integrative approach to help you learn more about your body and feel empowered to improve your health. Devon has a dynamic background in movement education and bodywork and will work with you to improve your whole body's ability to move so that you can safely progress toward your fitness goals. Sessions will be custom tailored drawing from a range of modalities.  

This is for anyone!  We are happy to offer a supportive environment with options that are accessible to seniors, people recovering from injuries, people with back, neck and shoulder discomfort or other forms of occupational strain or less mobile bodies who need a more gentle approach. 

Sessions are 1 hour and combine bodywork, stretching and exercise (intensity levels vary) and take place in either a treatment room or our classroom. Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers.

Assisted Stretching

Intended to help increase mobility and range of motion of restricted joints due to past injury to the musculoskeletal system, compensations and postural stress. This session will help you increase flexibility in inflexible areas and help to restore healthy joint balance. We will use passive and active and neuromuscular stretching techniques to promote healthy extensibility of the muscles. Please wear comfortable athletic wear appropriate for a yoga class. 

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