Elm City Wellness
uses Solavedi

Ayurvedic & organic skin care.
Made in Guilford, CT.

Too often, our organs are overworked due to poor eating habits and pollutants, such as smoke. On top of that, our beauty regimen is packed with harsh chemicals and quick fixes that don't work in the long-term and threaten the skin's natural defenses. If your body is healthy and nourished, your skin will glow.  

If you are unwell, lacking vital nutrients, or unable to digest nutrients properly, your skin may show stress or vulnerability and show early signs of aging.

So what's the solution?

ELM CITY WELLNESS USES SOLAVEDI SKIN CARE PRODUCTS. Whole ingredients found in our natural environment vibrate with energy. They have the power to restore, balance & sustain your unique skin health. Our potential for skin health is far beyond just being free of disease or imperfection. In keeping with the traditions of American herbalism, each herb & flower chosen for preparation plays a functional role. Each ingredient is there for a reason. The result is not just skin that looks healthier, but IS healthier.

$80* (60 minutes) / SERIES of 4 facials: $280*
A gentle honey blossom cleanse, followed by either an oil cleansing massage or exfoliation treatment.  Service includes custom-blended face mask specific to your personal skin care needs.  Finished with customized treatments to nourish your skin. 

$100* (60 minutes) / SERIES of 4 facials: $360*
Our signature facial with hot stone massage to stimulate deeper circulation and soften tissue.  Helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles.  Appropriate for all skin types except acne.

$80 (60 minutes) / SERIES of 4 facials: $280*

A cleanse, followed by exfoliation, this facial is designed to treat impurities, black heads, and break outs in those hard to reach places.  Extractions are included and moisturizer will finish the treatment.

$40* (30 minutes) / SERIES of 4 facials: $140*
A quick, refreshing facial for those who are short on time.  Includes a gentle cleanse, exfoliating mask, and moisturizing treatments.

$40* (30 minutes) / SERIES of 4 facials: $140*
A quick, refreshing back facial for those who are short on time.  Includes a gentle cleanse, exfoliating mask, and moisturizing treatments.


Back Treatment: $20 (15 minutes)
Gentle Ayurvedic oil cleanse to help ground and relax the body.  Great way to prepare for our signature facial.

Holistic Hands & Feet Exfoliation Treatment:
A rejuvenating treatment to increase circulation and well being while relieving dry, cracked skin.
Hands (15 minutes): $20
Feet (15 minutes): $20
Hands & Feet (30 minutes): $35

Extractions: $10 (15 minutes) / $20 (30 minutes)  *For Signature Facial and Back Facials only*
If you have acne or blemishes, extractions are the most important part of the facial for you. The process of clearing a compacted or clogged pore by hand or with an extracting tool takes place after the skin has been thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated and steamed. Once the follicles are cleared out, your skin should start to improve. 

*Pricing plus applicable service charge and sales tax.

What is an Extraction? Click here to read more.