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Introductory Chakra Vocal Toning Meditation

Complimentary Colors!
Introductory Chakra Vocal Toning Meditation

w/Krizta Moon, Music Therapist, MT-BC

Saturdays / $15
4:00-5:30 pm

February 27th, March 12th & 26th
(space is limited, only 8 people per class)

Ancient wisdom and modern science agree that everything is in a state of vibration!  Like a buzzing bee, we, too, can focus our awareness to this resonance to find our inner harmony.  Join us and witness the healing, transformative power of sound and music. 

This introductory workshop has been designed to assist you in your personal transformation by offering a safe and insightful listening, sharing and toning experience! All are welcome and no prior musical experience is needed or required.

What Is Chakra Vocal Tonal Meditation?  

CVT (For short) is a type of meditation that’s based upon deep breathing and extended exhalation in the form of a vowel or tone (for singers or beginners). Vocal toning ignites oscillation or vibration that has scientifically proven to massage the inner organs of the body, enabling them to relax. It has an astounding impact on overall health and mental wellness. The seven chakra centers of the body associated with color are set in healing motion through your awareness, resonating breath and intention.  

Weather you are a natural singer, beginner, or active listener, the sound and intention will warmly embrace and guide you to a deeper internal harmonious peace! You’ll learn a unique technique to systematically connect you to consciously breathe deeper and functionally reset your autonomic nervous system. I will teach you how to sustain and surrender simultaneously through your exhale. You will learn techniques to assist you in regulating your breath through gentle exercises, simple pulse percussion and consistent rhythm to achieve grounding balance. You will be encouraged to find your voice, your tone, your color, your place and inner power through a variety of techniques and activities. Even if you are not a “singer” you have a voice and the power of your tonal intention will center you!

About Instructor Krizta Moon, MT

Krizta Moon has 26 years of training in voice and is a board-certified music therapist who had been teaching children and adults voice-centered instruction to elicit self expression, relaxation and personal fulfillment. Come learn new techniques to sustain yourself, cleanse and re-establish a higher faith connection to your center using your voice. Come embrace the power of extending your exhale into the realm of sweet surrender!