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The Big Breathe: Back-to-School Edition

Elm City Wellness Presents

The Big Breathe: Back-to-School Edition

Sunday, October 2, 2016
3:00-5:00 pm / $15

Elm City Wellness
774 Orange St., New Haven, CT
Call (203) 691-7653 or to reserve your space!

Come breathe into your highest good with the intention of rejuvenation.

You’ve returned to New Haven, settled into your classes, and reconnected with friends. The real work has started.

Are you feeling those tinges of anxiety creeping in? Feeling a bit ungrounded? Then The Big Breathe: Back to School Edition is just what you need.

We will discuss how our thought patterns contribute to stress and where we hold stress in our bodies. A full one-hour group Conscious Connected Breathwork session will help you to move the negative energy and stress held in your body while releasing stored emotions. The breath creates an increased sense of aliveness by opening the body’s energy channels and allowing intuition and creativity to flow.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a pillow for your comfort if you wish.  You will be lying down on the floor for the breathe. Mats, blankets, and bolsters will be provided.  This group is limited to 8 participants.

About Lydia Mandell, Rebirthing Breathworker, ATR-BC, LPC
Lydia started her career as an art therapist and licensed professional counselor.  Through her own personal healing work,  she discovered the profound power of the mind-body connection, particularly the connection with breath and aliveness.  Lydia has studied Rebirthing Breathwork, also known as Conscious Connected Breathing at The New York and Philadelphia Rebirthing Center and is an active practitioner and teacher in the breathwork community.

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