2015 Manifestation Mandala


This is a magical year of connected prosperity, where we reap beyond what we have sown, where we love without fear, surrender to emboldened intimacy and find our home within the community of the Beloved. 2015 holds the numerical energy of eight and six. Eight is the most prosperous of all the numbers, manifesting into reality what was planted in imagination and watered in love. Six celebrates family, community and open hearted intimacy (in-to-me-see). The Sacred Compass Rose transports, transcends and transforms, through Awakened Imagination, this symbol become a vehicle into being into the very midst of manifested desire.

Invocation: I am in the perfect place to manifest what my soul desires, from here, I have the freedom and the power to be where I want to be, become what I long for and transform what no longer serves my joy. I will reap beyond what I have sown, I will love without fear, I will be found in the midst of the Beloved. And so it is…
~Keith Allen Kay