The 10 Most Beautiful European Cities To Visit in the Fall

by Rowena Carr-Allinson for Huffington Post

Plan your family vacation in the Fall after the summer's heat and crowds have disappeared. It's a great time to visit Europe with good weather (mostly!) for exploring, better rates all around, and that glorious Fall light bathing the picturesque scenery. Whether you choose Paris, Rome or Prague, each city has its own charm and exciting events at this special time of year.

Here are our top picks for the best towns to visit in Europe for fall foliage and more.


Paris has its fair share of kids entertainment in the Fall season. Wander the parks as the leaves change, sample the warming 'chocolat chauds' to fend off any chills, or stay up all night for the "White Night" (October 3) to visit museums by night for free! You'll find plenty of museums with kid-friendly exhibits to keep you busy in the daytime too, such as the Musee en Herbe, which is running a Tintin exhibit until the end of November. To stay in the heart of the action, try the Hotel des Grands Hommes near the Luxembourg gardens or Hotel Home near the Eiffel Tower.

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