How To Bounce Back When Life Falls Apart

via Tamara Star for Elephant Journal

Seven years ago my own life did—and I survived.

 I make it a rule to never take advice from someone who hasn’t been there, so I’ll share with you what happened, and then I’ll share how I got through my own personal tunnel of hell.

In a 30 day period, I lost it all. My money, love, health, a baby, beloved pets, security and pride.

My boyfriend at the time broke up with me while I held the still dripping, positive pregnancy pee stick, his response to having a baby with me was to end our relationship and share that he hoped to tile his kitchen and travel that summer.

I lost the baby at nine weeks and suffered an extreme crash of hormones. Being in my 40′s, I realized this was probably my last chance to have a child. To make matters worse, 48 hours after losing the baby, I learned my bank accounts had been emptied. I had 40 cents in my pocket when I stood at that blinking ATM on an early July morning.

Someone had sued me out-of-state and due to a loop-hole in the serving process, I never received notice and didn’t show up to defend myself. When you don’t show up, it’s as though you’re admitting guilt and judgments were issued—every account was emptied.

Seven days later, I was faced with putting my 16-year-old pet down, only to be followed by the rapid decline of my other 15-year-old pet 10 days later. If you’re like me pets are family. This was a loss beyond words.

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