10 Signs You're More Successful Than You Think You Are.

by Justin Gammill for Intelligence.com

Dictionary.com defines success as “the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.” What that definition doesn’t explain is that success is a matter of perspective. Often times, being our own harshest critics, we don’t see our own success while looking from the inside out. Too often, people assume that success is synonymous with wealth. I will tell you, success has nothing to do with your bank account. In fact, your bank account is not a measure of much when it come to how successful you are at life. Some of the richest people financially are the poorest when it comes to personal fulfillment.

So when it comes to judging your own success, it is important to look at the little things in life that are evidence of a complete, fulfilled, and successful life. Here are some of the ways you can measure your own success:

1. You Can Ask for Help
In earlier stages in life, we see asking for help as a sign of weakness. In reality, being able to ask for help when you need is is a sign that you know yourself well enough, and are confident in your abilities and what you can accomplish. Asking for help is a much better option than failing because you were too proud or too scared to ask for help.

2. You Can Let Things Go
As you move forward in life, you learn to let things go that might have bothered you in the past. Part of success is knowing what matters and what does not. Letting things that don’t matter drag you down is detrimental to any kind of success.

3. Less Drama
Drama doesn’t correlate with success in any way. When you find that there is less drama in your life, that is a sure-fire sign that you are succeeding.

4. You Can Deal with Failure
Failure is a part of life, and the better you learn to live with it and move forward, the more successful you will inevitably be. Success and failure may be polar opposites, but that doesn’t mean that they are no connected.

5. You Don’t Complain
Complaining is about useless of an activity that exists in life, so when it comes to success – it’s not going to help you there either. When you complain less, you accept more, and move forward.

6. You Appreciate Others’ Success
Jealousy is a cancer in life, not only because it leads resentment towards others, but because it leads to you looking down on yourself. Being happy for other people’s success gives you something to strive for, and goals to reach.

7. You Achieve Goals
Setting goals and reaching them is a fundamental aspect of success. The key is setting goals that are obtainable. Success is not measured in quantity, but in quality.

8. You Don’t Care What Others Think
Being successful means owning your life. giving up on what other’s think, and being who you are is a success in and of itself.

9. You Embrace Change
Embracing change, both internal and external is a sign of success that is often overlooked. Whether it is changing an element of your life, or reacting to change from an outside force, every change in life is a chance to succeed.

10. You are Passionate
Being passionate is a way of showing that you are driven by more than just money or popularity. Passion and success are joined at the hip, you cannot have one without the other.