10 Ways To Salvage a Bad Morning Before Parting Ways

Rachel Macy Stafford for HuffPost Parents

New York Times Bestselling Author and Certified Special Education Teacher


1. Notice the good -- any and all good you can find -- even if it is simply, "I am so glad to see your face this morning," or, "You've always had a knack for unique clothing combinations!"

2. If someone is grumpy, let her do something you usually do, like pour the milk from a small pitcher, add the brown sugar to the oatmeal, or decorate a sticky note to put in a family member's lunch box or briefcase.

3. Pull out a "When you were little..." story. A child's image of himself tearing pancakes into itty-bitty pieces or calling strawberries "strawbabies" has the potential to bring a smile.

4. Open your arms. Don't say anything. Just hold on.

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