7 Ways You Can Help a Loved One with Anxiety

by Sammy Nickalls for HelloGiggles.com

Over the fast few months at HelloGiggles, I’ve been talking a lot about anxiety — specifically what people (like me) with anxiety want their loved ones to know, say, and never say. But what can you do to help a loved one? Watching someone you love experience immense pain is heartwrenching, and when the pain is mental rather than physical, it can be easy to feel helpless and frustrated.

It can  also be difficult to know how to navigate a situation that you may not totally understand. However, there are some things you can do to help both of you during this process. Here are a few.

Learn as much as you can about anxiety.

Read all the articles you can find on anxiety. I’m not just talking about medical articles with scientific jargon. I’m talking articles written by people who have anxiety, studies, books, documentaries, the whole shebang. The more, the better. Not only will you be more equipped to help your loved one with anxiety, but you’ll get an edge on understanding where they’re coming from. It’s a win-win for you both.

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