How To Ground Yourself: A Step-by-Step Guide

by Sarah Petruno for

When people refer to grounding and having groundedness, all that means is the extent to which your soul and your energy is connected with the Earth and the energy of the Earth. This is what it means to be rooted firmly in the Earth. As much as it’s important to keep an open channel with the divine to allow for divine energy to flow down from Spiritual Realm, it’s equally as important, if not more so, to keep an open channel with the Earth, allowing energy to flow up from the Earth.   

All organisms and objects existing on the physical plane of Earth not only receive their energy from the Earth, but also deposit their energy back into the Earth. Just as the Divine energy flows to us from above, the Earth energy flows up to us from below. The energy in your aura consists of the energy from your soul, the energy from the Earth, and the energy from the Divine. As a physical and spiritual being, you receive energy from within yourself, and both realms to stay balanced, centered, and healthy.

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