11 Quinoa Bowls That Make It Easy (and Delicious!) To Eat Clean

by Leah Vanderveldt, Associate Food Editor, for MindBodyGreen

The concept of "bowl" meals is pretty simple — you toss a bunch of ingredients into a specifically shaped dish, add a bit of finesse, and POOF! it's a cohesive meal.

Bowls are catching on because they're easy to make, unfussy, and create a satisfying meal if you keep three main components in mind:

Base (grains and greens)
Vegetables and/or fruits
Toppings (herbs, nuts/seeds, dressings)

Quinoa is a great base because it's gluten-free and protein-packed, and it's one of the quickest cooking grains (OK, it's actually a seed, but you know what I mean).

Cook up a big batch of quinoa in advance (it takes only 15 minutes!) and turn it into some of these tasty quinoa-based bowls.

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