A Simple Exercise to help us Figure Ourselves Out.

Via Brandon Gilbert for Elephant Journal

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t stop every now and then and ask themselves: What am I doing with my life?

Some people experience this more frequently than others.

If we read the news, which often paints a pretty bleak picture of humanity, we may find ourselves at the mercy of chaos. The trick is to not be taken down by all of the suffering—we can do this if we find our inner navigation and purpose.

In order to go after our dreams, we need to see where we currently are not acting in a harmonious way with who we want to become and how we want to live.

Luckily, I have a really simple exercise that anyone can do (right now, even) to clearly see who you are and what you want. A little bit of self-knowledge can go a long way—it can help us see where our priorities are so that we can align with them throughout the day.

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