7 Habits That Force Your Mind to Stop Worrying

By Jayson Demers for Inc.

We all worry, but it can get hamper productivity and your mood if it goes on for too long. Here are seven ways to force yourself to stop worrying.

Worrying can get the better of almost anybody. Work stresses, personal concerns, and sometimes even irrational thoughts can seep into your mind and interfere with your ability to concentrate on ordinary tasks. Unfortunately, stopping those worries isn't easy--there's no "off switch" that can shut your worried thoughts down. However, there are a handful of habits that, once integrated into your life, can force your worries to leave and free up your mind to focus on more positive, productive things.

If you find yourself excessively worried, try one or more of these habits to relieve yourself.

1. Establish a designated "worry time."

You know you're going to worry about something most days, so instead of letting the worries control your thoughts, set aside time so you can control your worries. Establish a period of time during your day--like between 3:00 and 3:30--that you allow yourself to worry. Some research from Penn State University suggests that setting aside a period like this can help you defer your worries to a later period, freeing up your plagued mind for more productive activity in the present moment. Additionally, you can use that worry time as productively as possible by working to find solutions for your problems, rather than just focusing on the problems themselves.

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