Relationships Don't Stop Working -- We Do.

Via Summer Engman for Elephant Journal

Every relationship hits a point where it feels like it’s not working anymore.

I don’t just mean that failed relationships hit this point. No, I’m saying all relationships hit this point, even the good ones.

I think one of the worst lies we tell ourselves is, “It’s not supposed to feel this way.” Whenever I hear this I have to wonder what people are expecting it should feel like. Are they expecting that relationships should always go smoothly? That partners will always feel connected? That there will always be a spark? All the time?

Well, I’m excited to break it to anyone who believes those things: Sometimes really good relationships feel like crap.

I want to make a disclaimer that I’m talking about the kind of relationships where there is a connection and a desire to be together. I’m not talking about people who have never been that into each other, or relationships where someone is being abused. I’m talking about good relationships that seem to have stopped working. I think we all too often quit those relationships before we get the prize because we don’t understand that it’s okay that they don’t feel good all the time.

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