The Value of Curiosity in Building Relationships

by Eve Hogan for

Once, when I was much younger and relatively new to the personal growth field, I went to a self-esteem conference where I sat next to a much older gentleman. Prior to the presentation, he asked me what I thought self-esteem was and what I knew about the topic. I thought he was asking because he didn’t know and took advantage of the moment to teach him everything I knew about the subject. He listened respectfully. Then when they introduced the next speaker, you can imagine my surprise when he stood up and walked to the podium.

Other than my embarrassment over not recognizing his authority on the subject, his humble inquiry and curiosity taught me such a powerful lesson. He could have easily taken advantage of the moment, as an expert on the topic, to spew everything he knew, but instead he asked me several questions and listened intently. I realized that being humble and curious is how one learns; it is also how we engage another in a heart to heart conversation.

As I went forth in the realm of relationships, I realized these skills of humility and curiosity were also critical when it comes to love. Well, maybe not so much for love, but definitely for compatibility.  

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