What You Can Do on Sunday To Make Monday More Manageable

by Lisa Evans for Fast Company

Hate Mondays? It's likely because you just haven't prepared enough. Here's what to do this weekend to make next week better.

If you find yourself continually hitting the snooze button and struggling to focus on your work every Monday, you may be suffering from the Monday blues. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do on Sunday to get your Monday off on the right foot.

Write down your top priorities for the week in order of importance. "This will make sure you get your most important tasks done on time, allowing you to get your lower-priority tasks later in the week," says Bob Pozen, author of Extreme Productivity. Writing down your priorities also helps to avoid the Zeigarnik effect, says psychologist and executive coaching consultant Alan Phelan. That's when unfinished business creates anxiety. To keep track of your core priorities, you can use a tracking tool like Trello.

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