6 Questions To Ask Your Kids After School

by Sonia B. for Huffington Post Blog

Big change this year-- all three of my little boys are going to school! The eldest is in kindergarten this year, and the twins are starting their first year. September 2015 has made me a free woman! (And, most importantly, has allowed me to get back to work!)

However, even though my eldest son tells me everything that happened during his day at school: the activities, the songs, his friends, the people he dislikes, who he spent his recess with, his teacher's latest joke, the color of his girlfriend's underwear (no, just kidding...), etc., I've realized that I know NOTHING about what goes on in the twins' classes.

NADA. Nothing. Nichts. When I ask them: "How was school?" All I get is: "Umm hmm." "What did you do today?" "Umm hmm," "Do you have any friends?" "Umm hmm." Stop, that's enough, boys! You're giving too much away!

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