6 Things Men Complain About In Marriage Counseling

What do husbands talk about -- and more pointedly, complain about -- when they sit down with their partner and a marriage therapist?

Below, three psychotherapists who work extensively with couples share the biggest issues that men say cause friction in their marriages. 

1. My wife expects me to be a mind reader. 

Men talk a lot about how unfair it is that they're expected to know exactly what their wives are thinking and feeling at all times, said Marcia Naomi Berger, a psychotherapist and author of Marriage Meetings for Lasting Love: 30 Minutes to the Relationship You’ve Always Wanted. Then when the husbands misread the situation, they feel like they're somehow the bad guy. 

"It's so wrong for women to assume, 'My partner should know how I feel and what I want. I shouldn’t have to tell him,'" said Berger. "Wives should be direct but husbands can also help by encouraging their spouses to say specifically what they want. Then, he should either accommodate or negotiate so both of their needs are met." 

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