How I Lost Weight Without Even Trying

by Kate Eckman for Elephant Journal

I have tried every fad diet and trendy workout New York City has to offer.

I’ve strictly counted calories, obsessed about everything I ate, juice cleansed, cycled, Pilates, personal training, sweaty dance classes, you name it. None of that helped me lose weight.

I’ve discovered why: I wasn’t listening to my body. I wasn’t being loving and nurturing. I was being harsh, critical and extremely judgmental.

Why can’t you do anymore jump squats? (I had just done 120 reps, maybe that’s why.)

Why aren’t you losing weight?

Why don’t your abs look leaner like the women you train with?

Why do your knees hurt when you run?

Why are you so tired? Ugh, what’s wrong with you?

Wow! With that sort of self talk, I’m amazed my body does anything for me!

No wonder I wasn’t feeling like my best self, physically or otherwise. I’ve since learned the biggest health and weight loss secret no one is talking about—listen to your body.

That’s what I wasn’t doing. When my body told me, “Hey, I’m exhausted,” I ignored it and pounded away at the gym anyway.

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