10 Things No Mature Woman Should Say to Herself

by JR Thorpe, Bustle.com: Lifestyle

I'm no fan of telling grown women what to do. That's part of the point of being an adult: you can eat ice cream for breakfast, own 12 cats, travel to India without telling anybody, the world's your oyster. But there are certain things that no serious, mature woman should hear in her head, whether she's intent on getting the CEO job by 40 or going to Burning Man with neon plastic in her hair. There's stuff that needs to be put aside, adjusted, or brought into the equation when you become a grown woman, like letting go of harmful deadbeat friends or partners, putting aside money for the future, going for your dreams, and stopping giving a sh*t about what people think of you. Because who has time for that?!

As Tina Fey puts it so eloquently in Bossypants, one of the best reads for grown-ass women this century, "Do your thing and don't care if you like it." A lot of the stuff you should let go of in your adulthood revolves around this mantra. Youth is often equated with trying to fit in, living for the moment, and being a bit careless about your circumstances and direction. Which is great, but you're a Big Person now, and you need to live your life with intent and passion. Yes, even the bits where you stay home watching the Game Of Thrones box set. Ain't no shame in that game.

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