What makes an Elm City Wellness Expedition so special?

Q. What kind of pace can I expect on an Elm City Wellness expedition?

A. Our itineraries are designed to include full, active days with plenty of opportunities to experience each place from an insider's perspective, whether that means learning about different cultures and environments, or sharing in local traditions. Pace and physical activity level vary by trip and by travel style. ECW Expeditions have activity levels ranging from easy to moderately active, and travelers always have the choice to rest a day or ride to the next stop. For more information about the pace of a specific trip, see the trip itinerary. 

Q. How much flexibility is there in the itinerary?

A. Our trips offer built-in options and free time where possible so that you can experience a place and its people in a way that's meaningful to you. Our expeditions balance guided tours and planned activities with time to explore on your own, so you can choose what kind of restaurant you’d like or what local sites are most interesting to you. 

Q. What is the difference between a normal tour and an ECW Expedition?

A. An ECW Expedition is a sacred journey. The depth of experience on our tours is more than just visiting landmarks and attractions. We take time to link with the land, the people, the energy field and the collective consciousness. The sacred sites we visit on all ECW Expeditions are utilized to give clarity and understanding to our own lives, as we build an awareness and understanding that is a creative force for our future. Our tour leaders are ready to share their extensive knowledge, unique perspective and wisdom to ensure your experience is both transformative and enjoyable.