Migraines and Massage: Start a conversation with your Therapist today.


Massage Therapists are a blessing if you ask me. They are a great diagnostic tool. They look at the body as a whole and more than not they make you feel much better. Today, as a Massage Therapist, I want to start a conversation about migraines, so you know you are not alone. I want you to know together we can be as relentless as a Migraine in getting you relief.

Migraines are estimated to effect 144 million people world wide. 37 million in the U.S. alone, 30% of which are women.

Migraines are an inherited neurological disorder that is characterized by an over excitability of a specific area of the Brain.

Relief is Coming:
Spotlight on Cannabis: The Migraine Research Foundation Impact Awards 2018 Research is taking the lead in funding the efficacy of 3 different types of vaporized cannabis for the relief of acute Migraines. Groundbreaking research to validate cannabis as a viable alternative. Ann Crocker, LMT at Elm City Wellness cannot say enough about the benefits of CBD for migraines. She teaches a class at Elm City Wellness, regarding self care and CBD. She speaks to the great potential that more research into the application of CBD for migraines and other medical conditions will have with far fewer side effects than most prescribed medications now on the market. “Current conventional care is suboptimal, with the overuse of medications putting you at risk for dependency or creating more chronic conditions.” : Spotlight on opioids and Migraine

In the meantime:
Spotlight On: Treating Migraine with Meditation This article discusses melatonin (the body’s sleep wake hormone) and serotonin effects on migraines through meditation. Anxiety and Stressors can be calmed by controlling your melatonin and serotonin levels through meditation. Remember that a Migraine is a neurological disorder characterized by over excitability activity in the Brain. Keep Calm, Be Calm. Meditation regularly works!

I cannot say yes enough times to convey how important Massage is as a part of your selfceare regimen to manage migraines. I spoke with Ed Haberli, Acupunturist at Elm City Wellness. He spoke to several items when it comes to Migraines. First and foremost, he advised me to look to the posture of a Migraine sufferer. Follow those lines of tension. Regular maintenance of these lines help the Client to be more proactive in their migraine maintenance. Curiously enough he pointed out that the lines of tension follow the Gall Bladder Meridian. He also spoke to Congestion and the Migraine sufferer. He stated that congestion is a yin condition and typically starts in the stomach and or spleen and adding ginger to the diet will help to bring heat to the stomach and spleen reducing inflammation and congestion. He even has a few Acupressure points that can help to manage migraines.

I am Beth Lindgren, a Massage Therapist at Elm City Wellness and I want to start a conversation with you regarding migraine relief and self care. Don’t suffer needlessly. There is a team of supportive Therapists here at Elm City Wellness, doing our part to stay current and up to date on migraine research and relief. Together we can be as relentless as a migraine to support better health for you.

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