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Take a moment and breathe with us.

“When I use the term meditation, I don't necessarily mean sitting cross-legged on a cushion
but rather participating in any deliberate activity
that helps us to disengage from a compulsive relationship with our stream of thought.” - Jeff Glitterman,


A Guided journey to deep sleep

Everyone has trouble sleeping from time to time, but for some it can become a chronic condition of endless sleepless nights. Get ready for some serious shut-eye with this soothing bedtime meditation that will ease you into slumberland.


Meditations To Ease Anxiety & Depression

These meditations can help to rescue you from the grip of anxiety and depression, and will help you to raise your vibration from a state of despair to a state of peace and hope.


progressive muscle relaxation

This progressive muscle relaxation has just one purpose: to completely rid your body of stress. Not only does it relax the muscles, it also helps to reduce all the physical symptoms of stress. It will help to balance your blood pressure and heart rate, it will oxygenate your entire body, and it will bring you an overall sense of relief and deep rest.


Letting Go of Tension and Stress

This is a great meditation for people who need to need to stay focussed while slowing down what’s going on inside them, mentally and emotionally. It will help you to loosen your grip on life and bring you into the present moment so that you can enjoy living without the burden of a tense and controlling mindset.