Pure Inventions antioxidant extracts were developed by Nutritionists to fortify your water in a natural way. These delicious and refreshing drops were developed to help you to commit to a healthier lifestyle.

Create delicious beverages when added to hot, cold or sparkling water and are FREE of Sugar, Calories, Caffeine, Artificial Sweeteners and Gluten.

Elm City Wellness is selective about the products we endorse or sell. They must meet our high standards of quality and pass the "staff test." If the staff doesn't like something, it won't last long in our office. Within the first week of "testing," our staff reported:

  • Great taste, no aftertaste
  • Better sleep (Night)
  • Weight loss (Fit & Slender)
  • Getting their significant others to drink more water/cut back on artificially flavored drinks

We'll post more results as we continue to "test." But the consensus is that Pure Inventions is here to stay at the office. Stop in to try a sample and purchase your favorite (or find a new one)!

To learn more about Pure Inventions, visit www.pureinventions.com