Elm City Wellness

We have a mission. Do you?

Elm City Wellness is an independently owned business, not a franchise. We are a community of healers who have a passion for what we do. We also happen to be formally trained and educated therapists licensed by the state of Connecticut. Elm City Wellness is not a day spa. We are a hybrid between a spa and a massage studio, but our focus is on wellness, not beauty. We believe everyone needs love and that everyone is beautiful.

Your stress is specific to you and the way it manifests in your body. If you're reading this, you're ready to take responsibility for your health and play an active part in your healing. And we're here to help. Your comfort, pain relief and relaxation are our top priorities. Step into our space and step away from the overwhelming world and focus on you.


You Spoke. We Listened.

Your care is our primary concern, and we can't take care of you
if we can't see you regularly.

Buy a therapeutic massage package and pay only
$180 (3/60 min. sessions) and $300 (3/90 min. sessions)

That's $60 for a 1-hour therapeutic massage and $100 for a 90-minute therapeutic massage. Sweeeet.

So, what's a package?
It's our way of helping you take care of yourself more regularly.
And your definition of "regular" is up to you. You have a year to use them.
Come in once a week, once a month or once every 4 months.
Come in when you need to.

*This offer only applies to Therapeutic Massage. This offer does not apply
to our specialty massages.