Massage Therapy could be your secret weapon.

The important role of massage therapy in professional sports has long been understood by everyone — especially athletes. And while some don't typically think of professional dancing as a form of athletics (we at Elm City Wellness know otherwise), the benefits of bodywork on those who make a living in dance are just as numerous as for athletes — and just as significant to their livelihoods. 

Here are a few reasons why:

  • As a means of mitigating muscle strain;
  • To help dancers rebound from injury; and
  • To prevent atrophy of muscles

Muscle strain is a reality for most dancers. This is not surprising given the long hours they put into their craft and the fact that they tend to begin their careers at a very early age.  Injury is also very common in dance. Here too, the skilled massage therapist can be helpful in restoring dancers — both professional and amateur — to peak physical condition.  Massage has been found to be helpful in aiding a muscle to recover from injury. 

So what kind of techniques should you seek in an effort to help with these these common problems? The answer, of course, varies from one dancer to the next, which is why our intakes are thorough. A few techniques stand out as especially helpful:

  • Swedish massage is considered a great tool for relaxation -- both the body and mind.
  • Thai Yoga (also known as Thai Massage) is recommended as a means of keeping a dancer’s body limber and focused.
  • Sports massage techniques are helpful because of the similarities between an athlete’s workout and a dancer’s routine.

Show the dancer in your life how much you love them.