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College can be a stressful time for students – whether they are just starting or have been enrolled for some time. Stresses can include being in a new situation, move-in week, mid-terms, finals, and missing family and friends, to name a few. Stress can cause problems for anyone, but it can be especially destructive for students. It can get in the way of school responsibilities if it is not treated with appropriate stress management techniques. Massage, acupuncture, yoga and meditation have been proven by research studies to quell anxiety. They can be effective weapons in your anti-stress arsenal!

Students have stress from a variety of school-related sources, especially when they are in college. There is pressure to make good grades and to take difficult classes if they are required for a certain field of study. And being away from home for the first time in addition to juggling classroom requirements with other responsibilities and social activities can seem overwhelming. By learning to relax and revitalize, you can get a leg up on the competition and set a course for attaining life-long goals. Students who learn how to manage stress early tend to stay in school and flourish as well. The services we offer at Elm City Wellness go beyond the verbal and intellectual and focus on the emotional and physical where stress hides.

The negative effects of stress can directly impact school performance. It can impede concentration, making it hard to study or do classroom work. It can interfere with sleep, leading to fatigue, and cause muscle tension and pain. It can interfere with immune system functions, making students more prone to illness. It often triggers irritability, which can interfere with socialization and relationships with classmates and instructors. Stress can eventually cause depression if it is not treated.

Elm City Wellness has the tools to help you directly offset the effects of anxiety. We offer Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Yoga & Meditation, allowing busy students to take some quiet time for themselves. We can help ease tense muscles and alleviate any pain they are causing, while helping you ward off depression and boost your immune system.

We at Elm City Wellness understand that college students undergo more stress than ever before (we were there not too long ago!) and, as a result, have unique needs. Our services can be a very effective part of an overall stress management plan and we suggest scheduling your appointments in advance around the most stressful times at school, such as before exams or while working on a major project/paper.

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In the music world, injuries may occur frequently as musicians are often pushing beyond their limits.  Inadequate rest, unhealthy eating habits, improper posture and mental and emotional strain compound this problem. With a musician’s hectic lifestyle, adequate time is often not allowed for the body to heal.  Painkillers and anti-inflammatory (especially steroids) medications to dull the aches and pains are often used.  It’s a quick and easy approach, but only a temporary fix.

By covering up pain, stiffness, swelling, or aches, you may be masking a deeper problem.  These are signals from your body telling you that something is weakened and out of balance.  These warning signals are telling you to stop, rest, and heal. 

In the short term, medication may enable you to return to your instrument, and carry on with your life, but in the long run, it may make your problem worse.  Regular use of medication may contribute to further injury, and cause you to have unwarranted side effects that could greatly impact performance, creativity, endurance, and vitality.

Massage and acupuncture are time-tested, safe, natural and drug-free health care that can provide immediate relief and long-lasting benefits. We try to help musicians understand the importance of self-care as they are practice hour upon hour each day. By seeking care only when the situation is so advanced that they are on the verge of being unable to play their instruments, they risk ending their career soon after. The therapists at Elm City Wellness would like to see that change, and we encourage musicians to seek care before they are at that point in their pain.

Community Acupuncture is one of our most popular services for musicians and it's gentle on the starving-artist's wallet. Only $30 a session!

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