8 Signs You Should Try Acupuncture

By Gina M. Florio for Bustle

After devoting myself to acupuncture for three straight months, it's safe to say I'm an enthusiast — and that's coming from a cynical woman who once thought holistic treatments were a total sham. Even I couldn't deny that acupuncture was the only thing that simultaneously eased my back pain, my anxiety, and my irregular periods. I'm a convert.

Once only viewed as a hippie form of healing, acupuncture is being taken seriously these days, and it's even included in some health insurance plans. The list of benefits of acupuncture is so long and diverse that you have nothing to lose (besides maybe some money) by trying it out. It treats you from head to toe — physically, emotionally, and mentally, by strengthening the mind-body connectionthat is so often ignored in today's age. You might even find that you've found a new kind of Zen after being needled.

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