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Ashiatsu (Barefoot) Massage

What is Ashiatsu?

Ashiatsu is a deeply relaxing therapy, where the therapist uses her feet and body weight to relax the muscles. The therapist must have coordination, balance, as well as a skilled but instinctual ability to apply the appropriate amount of pressure to different areas of the body.

Ashiatsu is performed on a massage table. During treatment, the therapist uses the parallel bars overhead for balance while applying slow, gliding foot pressure and compression to strategic points along the spine and body. Ashiatsu’s one and two-footed strokes distribute pressure evenly over a large area of the body, providing a deep and relaxing massage without the discomfort often associated with traditional deep-tissue massage.

What will my massage feel like?

Ashiatsu offers deeper, broader compressions and strokes than traditional massage because the practitioner's feet are used instead of her hands. Ashiatsu is meant to feel more like a mesmerizing Swedish massage – deep broad-pressured flowing strokes – with no discomfort. 

Is Ashiatsu right for you?

Clients of every age and size can benefit from this deep tissue massage, famous for back and hip pain relief, and deep relaxation. Ashiatsu is great for people who enjoy deep tissue massage, athletes, and individuals with thick musculature. It is also recommended for individuals who suffer from chronic neck and back pain, scoliosis, bulging/herniated discs, sciatica and degenerative disc disease.

Although beneficial for many, Ashiatsu is not for everyone.  It is not recommended during pregnancy, within 6 weeks of any surgery, or within 9 months of breast implants.  Please discuss any potential health concerns with me before trying ashiatsu, we can work together to see if this work is right for you


Rates quoted in 30/60/90-minute sessions


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The Benefits of Ashiatsu

  • Deeper than a typical Deep Tissue session, but feels like a Swedish massage.

  • Movements along the para-spinals and the lumbar region help to open the intervertebral disc space, relieving irritation on the spinal nerves and connective tissue.

  • Long strokes stimulate the lymphatic and parasympathetic nervous systems faster, creating a sense of well being, improvement of bodily functions, and homeostasis.

  • Long, consistent compression from a well-trained foot releases adhesions, trigger points and chronic holding patterns, and encourages your body’s natural healing potential.

  • Improves flexibility and range of motion.